Monthly Archives: May 2013

Blogs – More than a Diary


While thinking of a topic for my first blog the thought crossed my mind how I have never really been a “blog person.” Blogs were once thought to be the voice of political enthusiasts, individuals who seem to feel their opinion is highly important and your neighbor documenting all the recipes she’s tried. I have read some from time to time, but there are none that I follow on a regular basis. So I decided to focus on the benefits of blogs and how they have become a part of emerging media.

Blogs are a great way for companies to discuss new ideas and products with their consumers. Not only can they run new concepts past readers, but it gives your customers a chance to voice their opinion, providing feedback and ideas. The feedback is not always great; however, it provides an avenue for the company to learn how their consumers feel. Blogging opens the company to their consumers, providing a transparency not available in marketing campaigns. According to a case study “Ninety percent of bloggers say they post reviews about their favorite (or not) brands of music, movies and books. Thirty-seven percent of bloggers write and post about these things frequently.”

Companies need to go where their customers are. Today that means all avenues of social media. That means employing the tools they are using for conversations. If you want to influence your company or see what others are saying about you, you must participate in this online conversation.

Blogs are where conversations can take place, but also where transparency is formed. Transparency provides your consumers with a chance to feel more connected to you. They will feel as if they are gaining the truth and not just being fed marketing plans. By discussing your organization, answering questions or concerns and understanding your audience allows consumers to gain that connection.

Blogs are nothing new, but they have moved from being seen as an online journal to being used effectively in marketing and targeting the consumer audience. I am finally beginning to pay more attention to them and hope to continue to learn all I can from them.