Don’t You, Forget About Me…

A lot of emerging media today (social networks, blogs, digital videos) is either found on or pushes consumers to a company’s website. If that sit’s information is outdated, looks old or does not function easily, those consumers may look to the competition.

Many companies are using their social networks (Facebook and Twitter mostly) to create a lot of their buzz. It’s so easy to update news or share tiny bits of information, it can save on advertising and if you’re lucky enough to get something to go viral it can really impact your business. However, a lot of companies today focus too much on that content and forget that customers need a place to go to get more. (This reminds me of those At&T ‘We Want More’ ads.) The goal of emerging media (or any media for that matter) is generating leads, enhancing a brand’s visibility, and putting the company’s subject matter expertise on display. All of these pieces should push your consumers to your website. Using these emerging media pieces are important in today’s technology world, but these pieces need somewhere to push customers to and their website is perfect.

Companies should be designing their pages for their customers. There are two m?????????????????????????ain reasons a company or brand has a website and that is (1) to communicate with their current and potential customers and (2) for ecommerce purposes. If a customer gets to the site and cannot easily find the information needed because it is not designed properly or the content is outdated they are going to go somewhere they can find what they need.

Websites are expected to be deeply comprehensive, rich with descriptors and specifications, offer reassurances, serve as a conduit for initial introduction, and so much more. Social media is good, but the website is still the main image of a company. With content marketing being so important using your website can be the key that sets your company away from another (who also may have forgotten about their website.)



2 thoughts on “Don’t You, Forget About Me…

  1. This is an excellent and increasingly relevant topic as it regards to the importance of a company keeping its website cutting edge, and you pose some good points. Social media is important, but it should serve mostly as a director to the main website where a consumer expects to be wowed and entertained while gathering valuable information.

    Then, it is important that the home page these consumer are directed to, delivers on the wow. The homepage is a welcome mat and jumping off point for new and returning visitors, from which the rest of the site flows. Too often I come across what should be an awesome home pages only to find a beautiful picture, or cleverly coded JavaScript that makes for great user action, but does little to impress and entice me to further explore.

    I am excited that my company’s homepage has recently debuted a rich media experience. Check out when you have a chance! What are some of your favorite webpages featuring rich media?

  2. Good point. Many marketers have rushed to embrace emerging media and social platforms which is great. However, companies can forget its chief online corporate identity and information source, its main website. The is where consumers and customers come to respond to a company’s call to action – whether it’s to gather further information or make a purchase. It is critical that a company maintain its main website to make things easier: information is easy it find, people can contact the company and make purchases in a seamless fashion.

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