Q: Time is better spent creating video or writing 1.8 millon words?

In today’s world where marketers are looking to engage consumers in a number of different ways content marketing reigns supreme. The goal is to get your message to your audience and by creating sharable information you will help make sure you can reach an even larger audience. Not only are you reaching more people, but they are remembering more of your content, especially if you are reaching them through multiple platforms. In a Nielsen, commissioned by Google almost 75% of consumers remember an ad when viewed across different platforms. If you’re lucky they’ll like that content enough to share it with their friends through social media.


Just how far reaching can video content go? There are 100 million consumers who see at least one video daily! Just think of the number of online shoppers who could benefit from videos! Many consumers look for video to either gain more detail about a product or reviews. Forbes Magazine featured an article on how video marketing could help your business. Two of the points focused on creating a proposition video that focuses on how you can benefit your target consumer. It is similar to “promising” consumers to offer them the best products and value while always retaining their best interests. By posting videos to your company’s YouTube page you can also benefit from key word search. Google is the second-largest search engine in the world, it is also the owner of YouTube which puts higher value on inbound links from the site, basically bumping your video above other search content. online-video-marketing-through-google-and-youtube_502f7ae02d1a2

With so much clutter from today’s marketers consumers are sometimes at a loss, feeling they are bombarded with messages everywhere. This means they may be unlikely to pay much attention to your content if they receive it at home, in their mailbox. That is their personal space and a lot of that information ends up getting tossed.

According to Dr. James McQuivery of Forrester Research a one minute piece of video marketing is equivalent to creating 1.8 million words.  Video provides a much easier way of reaching a large target audience, while saving you money on more traditional marketing pieces.

Companies who focus on creating informative, strong content and branding their pieces should be successful in pushing their content through the clutter reaching consumers today. And breaking through that clutter and providing consumers a way to retain the content gives a leg up in marketing your company and products in today’s digital world.



One thought on “Q: Time is better spent creating video or writing 1.8 millon words?

  1. Erine,
    I really liked your post and thought it was really interesting. it made me think of all of the times that I’ve been at a party and my friends have asked me if I’ve seen this video or that video. If I haven’t then they pull it up on their smartphones and we watch it right there in the middle of the party or whatever we are doing. I think that because of this mobile technology has really added to the ability to share videos and thus increase the effectiveness of videos.

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