We’re not talking Pac Man and Super Mario here…but we could be!

Your phone can be a very personal piece of property. It’s within arm’s reach throughout the majority of your day. It keeps your schedule your family photos and videos. You use it to communicate with each other and to relax with. Advertisers know how close you are with your phone so obviously they’re going to use it to sale you products!! This is done through advergaming where games are either created around a product or products are advertised within a game. Many of these games are now accessible on your mobile phones and tablets.


And boy is it working! MediaBrix Social and Mobile Gaming conducted research and learned that mobile gaming video ads deliver an average CTR of 3 percent, 30 times higher than the CTR of standard banner advertising campaigns. Which is 85% higher lick through rate than what you would on Facebook or other social media branded pages. Instead of just creating an advertisement companies are engaging their customers in something entertaining they will want to interact with, and in turn receive the advertisement.

Honda recently became the first auto company to join the advergaming boom.  They partnered with the popular social game SongPop where Honda branded playlists would be shared on consumers Facebook timeline, which would reach an even larger audience.

“Honda recognizes that rather than interrupting the user experience, they can reach consumers through social gaming advertising, which adds value, heightened levels of engagement and brings any event to life,” says Todd Bowman, CRO, MediaBrix.

By not interrupting that experience consumers are susceptible to advertising without feeling put upon, it continues that personal experience providing an engagement that builds a better relationship between consumer and brand.

Emerging media is opening new doors to marketers what seems like daily. Consumers have so much information coming at them  from their phones and mobile devices alone that providing them information where it isn’t intruding on them is a refreshing experience.  Advergaming is the perfect way to reach them in an entertaining way while getting them to interact with the company in an easier way.  This is not to say that tomorrow won’t develop something even more engaging and exciting, but for now advergaming is a fresh way to get ahead.


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