Video Ads

Something caught my eye recently while I was scanning news articles. It was saying video ad views reached 20 billon views. I always assumed most people just waited for the “skip this ad” button. Google Sites ranked as the number one viewing property which isn’t surprising because YouTube is included in that property. They had over 158 million views in June while Facebook followed in second with 61 million views.

But what types of ads are people watching? The majority viewed tie-in ads. June was the month to promote your brand alongside someone popular, whether they were real or not.  Brands joined forces with the likes of Usher, Jay-Z and Despicable Me 2’s minions. These partnerships capitalized on anticipation for this summer’s movie and music blockbusters, and resulted in highly sought-after ads.

There has been a lot of research done to show that web video views are truly115590 on the rise and it is something worth putting money in to.  It’s a recognition that online video has matured and that improvements in analytics have given major marketers confidence to shift resources to the web in ways that go beyond repurposing a TV spot.

Market strategy company Tremor did research and found that there is much more engagement with companies featuring online video ads. “Most people watch entire ads on the web, whether they’re run during repurposed TV shows or made-for-web content.  Ninty-one percent of ads run during repurposed-TV content were watched in their entirety vs. 83% of ads shown during made-for-web content.  And engagement is one of the main reasons any advertising or marketing is creating. Online ads can also be effective in increasing brand awareness, drive sales, or even drive consumer’s to visit the actual store. Each piece can be attained through an effectively created and dispersed online ad.

Many people are looking to the web for viewing video content recreationally throughout the day or they are looking to sites like Hulu and Netflix for their television shows. Almost all of these sites feature promoted advertising so I see it as something that is just going to continue to grow and will be a tool that many brands seek to work in to their other advertising efforts.


2 thoughts on “Video Ads

  1. What about non-brands? Do you think this medium is effective for promoting the messages of non-profit organizations’ messages, too?

  2. I think they can, it could be hard for any small business or a start up that may not be able to fit it into their budget. Although it could still work for nonbrands, but they would need to make more of an effort to have effective content, which at times could ad to the budget. However, in terms of nonprofits, YouTube a few years ago started the Call to Action overlay. This ads a box to the bottom of the video with information and a link to the companies website, which could lead to donations or more awareness. chairty:water was the first nonprofit to get to test this tool. And although it helped that the video was featured on YouTube’s main page, in one day they raised $10,000 from YouTube viewers.

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