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How to Reach Moms

Moms are the main source to target for most products. They spend a lot of money and make most of the purchases for their homes. And they get a lot of their information and research products on the internet.
A marketing poll conducted by Experiena Marketing Services found that in 2012, more than 2/3 of working and stay-at-home moms felt the internet has changed how they shop. As discussed in one of my previous blogs “Make Back to School Shopping Fun” the internet mobile-shopping-moms-is one of the most essential tools a company can use because the majority of all consumers visit company sites and social media for information. However, that’s not the only way to reach a mom.
Regardless if she is a stay-at-home mom or a working mom they are on the go and they live by their smarthphones. That means a lot are using their phones and apps to research these products they are considering purchasing. Shopping mothers are a $2.25 trillion dollar industry so companies would be smart to pursue them in the manner they prefer.
They have the sites they prefer. That could be daily deal sites (moms use these 14% more than other adults) or social media. Studies shows 46% used Facebook to find product information and 45% used Pintrest. Many women also use social media to see what products their friends like and they often make similar purchases and they are accessing all these sites through mobile phones.
Marketers need to really pay attention to how they are targeting these women. They are turned off by advertising that depicts them in the traditional “mother” roles. Today’s mom’s are anything but typical or traditional. They are having children at older ages, almost half are unmarried and they are more educated. So the advertising can’t pigeon whole these women or they will turn to other brands.
They aren’t sitting at home combing the newspaper for upcoming shopping deals. They like getting emails and texts about deals because then they don’t have to search too hard. Remember, they’re busy they need the information right there at their fingertips. With Back to School shopping just around the corner they will be looking to their phones for even more of those deals so they can find the best products without breaking the bank.


I’ve been seeing a lot of commercials lately about back to school clothing.  On one hand it just makes me sad that summer is almost over.  On the other hand it makes me think of how many consumers are shopping at home these days.

Over the last few years I’ve stepped my online shopping.  It’s mainly out of convenience I  don’t have to worry about finding time to plan out everything I need to get after work, spend hours shopping and then worry that I didn’t put a good meal on the table.  I can go online and either shop by store or just type in what I’m looking for and find a plethora of results I can compare for price and quality.

Online stores offer a number of benefits.  Convenience is obviously at the top, but you also have a larger range of size and color available to you. Many stores even offer free shipping or discounted shipping based on the purchase amount. The biggest drawback is you have to wait for you item, but for the right price you can have it there in a day or two.  At times I’d rather pay $5.00 in shipping than waste gas that is always so expensive anymore.

All this is made even easier since you can access mobile shopping on your computer, tablet or smartphone.  Consumers almost always have access to any store they’d like.  Many stores have their own apps which make it even easier to shop easily and link you with their website for easy payment.  It can be a problem for companies who do not provide an easy to your mobile site for their company, often resulting in customers going to the competition who probably has an easy to use site.

Many people are still using mobile devices to search for, review and compare products.  Research by the DBB Lifestyle Study has learned that more men are using mobile shopping, mainly due to the fact that they are more interested in getting the job done, where women view it as a more pleasurable experience.  I think many women see casually shopping as a pleasurable experience.  Back to School shopping isn’t always pleasurable it’s a chore.

I think many women also are more wary of the security risks with mobile shopping.  Many companies are working to create a unified paying experience where consumers can easily input their constant information as well as securely transmit your payment without worrying about identity theft. Until a company can create a seamless user experience, bring a majority of businesses on the platform, and ensure security, consumers will continue doing what they have been doing.

For today’s parents it might be easier to go online and do all your back to school shopping without having to give up any time at the pool or miss a baseball practice in the process.  Image